Monday, 25 November 2013

Me Time

This weekend a little me time for the two of us plus 2 dogs - sheer relaxation- a long walk - cameras

and two excited dogs

We parked up on the north  side of Ellesmere - walking down a steep path to join the canal tow path  - first of all through the dark tunnel.


 The canal was busy with barges - and everyone was in good spirits - this chap on his barge was a real enthusiast - see header pic - lights full on and his horn full blast as he entered the tunnel
he was  full of cheery comments !!


 Lots of fun taking pics of the autumn scenes -
finally we veered to the right and joined another footpath as it started to rain - and back up the hill

 towards the carpark

Of course on the agenda was tea for two at the Bridgewater Arms on the way home - and a few stolen minutes in time to blog on my return - why not pop across to ABC Wednesday and enjoy

 We have bought a book of 50 walks in Shropshire - so plenty more to come
- have a good week  bloggers - Jane