Monday, 3 February 2014

February Notes

We are one month into 2014 - where did that go ? of course 2 or 3 weeks saw us laid low with flu - yes it was official - doc diagnosed flu - hot drinks - bed rest - heh ho !! - well now a major reconstruction of our garden is underway - one greenhouse down so far and another one to go up - a second greenhouse is to come down and contents of which are to be shared between new greenhouse and local rubbish tip!

Stages of work in progress just for my records and sanity

What a mess I do declare !!
Looking a little better ..

Getting there - fence will need a lick of paint

Spring has nearly been washed away in these parts by the deluge of storms but today I took a look around the garden and found that nature is doing its best to fight back

Heleborous - first plant to flower from a purchase last year - I bought six - mixed colours - not all have survived

This hyacinth bulb looks to be on track for an early flowering - and snowdrops are pushing through the sodden soil

and of course the camellia flowers on regardless of weather conditions - it surely is a beauty

 Header pic is of the river at Attingham Park

 Best wishes to you all  and have a good week