Friday, 28 March 2014

North Wales

Trefriw - Fairy Falls - Llyn Crafnant - Conwy - special places from our walking break up North Wales -not to far to drive approximately 60 miles and after a hectic start amd leaving our gardening project in the lurch- a perfect escape

I am posting a few pics just for the record and also to relive my memories - yes it did rain on and off - and yes the mists came down - but yes the sun did shine through in equal measure and we had a great time.

Click on the pics for a decent view - I  only seem to be able to post this size on my blogs - if anyone has any suggestions as to what I need to do to get a larger pic I would appreciate your comment.

Wales never ceases to come through with unexpected places and special moments.
 I booked with a local agency - so here is a little plug for them I have added a link - the house Llwyn-y-coed Isaf was adequate in comforts and the views were great - not so much for the camera though because every which way there was a huge pylon - in this pic - just on the horizon to the right !!
in the way - but after a while we adjusted to that and gazed beyond these modern day necessities - adjusting our lenses accordingly!!

The house looked out onto what appeared to be reed beds
- and when we asked we were told yes it was reeds and they were sold for thatching - apparently the ground used to be used for summer grazing but  it had become unproductive because it was a flood plain - you can see in the pic  where a patch has been cut

First day off was a tour round the little village of Trifriw - parking up and asking directions for the local walks - after a few false turns we arrived at the Fairy Falls - aptly named by the Victorians who were fascinated by these mythical creatures
- it was all very slippy and care was needed not to end up belly up in the falls below!! but even so cameras were  at the ready for a few pics of course - we continued on and the rain did its best to soak us but spirits  high and hoods up we continued the walk and ended up in Ship Inn for a spot of lunch and I must say a good day was had by all !!

What do you think of this - I think it is so pretty - I am hoping OH will make one for me he is good at working metal  this one was on the hearth in the Ship Inn in Trefriw

Up and ready for another session - and to breath in the vigorous welsh air we decided on a visit to Conway - we have touched on this area before - but never spent a great deal of time in the actual town - the castle is not that big .. see below in the distance through the arch in the town walls
and here is a pic taken on a previous visit just to give you a better look
but the town walls stretch right around the existing town - they date back to the castle era - are very picturesque and a must for a walkaround

We sat and ate icecreams and soaked up the views
Day three - again going out with a blank canvas so to speak - with definite purpose in mind - we called in at a small garden centre and bought a couple of plants and just mentioned to the owner that we were out for a nice walk - so he pointed us in the direction of Llyn Crafnant - so that was that decision made - here is the result
 how beautiful is that!
we walked right round the lake - quite a way  but so worth it
bye for now - have a good week - Jane x

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Spring Flowers and a Greenhouse Skeleton

Well Spring is here - and a greenhouse takes shape - still more clutter to shift  - but things are on the up  - the garden has survived the winter deluge and the demolition remarkably well  - so I have posted a few of my favourite pics - and also a few shots of the greenhouse coming to life.

It is pretty much 4 weeks since I last posted - seems to me that this house has been flat out - with garden affairs - family affairs and general living - the fields and country walkways have been so wet and muddy until recently and so have been out of bounds for a black and white collie who loves to race back and two through  very mucky pools - also Blue has been restricted on her exercise - she has had  an operation  which left her with a wound with stitches on her side - but now things have healed up nicely and so she is able to exercise in her usual fashion - a tearaway collie.!!

Here are a few pics of our mammoth task - please say it looks better - mind there is still a way to go - staging is being made by a friend - before the plants can be moved in - yes they are all crammed into the old cedar wood house - which in its turn is coming down to make way for new paving - a line of trellis for clematis and some garden furniture - all in the distant  future me thinks - well there you are you see - now for a few pics for a clearer picture.
                     Take one - corner bricks in place
                     Wow the bricks are down !!
Up she goes - looking good  - what do you think
glass going in - not to many breakages! 
Blue inspects the new space  ( thinks plenty of ball playing area)!
and this is Fred !- a garden gift from a neighbour - made locally - love him
 So there we are - getting there - and now just a few pics from round the garden
No doubt that the colours of Spring really give a lift to the garden and certainly give me a boost!!
 I thought I had lost my primula sieboldii  - so sent for replacements - and then see below my plants were just a bit slow off the mark but here they are pushing through - now I had white and pink plants so now I am waiting to see if both have survived - I love primulas and intend to have more
Note the empty looking pots scattered around - I am just waiting to see what is going to shoot next  
Primula Gigha
 Help your self to a scone if there is not enough to go around I will make some more!!
 Bye until next time - Jane x