Saturday, 26 October 2013

Up Up and Away

Up up and away - yes we have been to Mallorca to recharge our batteries and soak up the sun - fabulous - only downside I was bitten by mozzies - although I used a protector - but never mind about that - I am going to post some pics and share our highlights for the week.

 We walked most days - well everyday in fact - enjoying the experience of the amazing scenery - our hotel was the Grupotel Maritimo in Alcudia
 - we have stayed here  before -  a few years back -  food and accommodation were excellent.

Day one took us out on the local bus to Port of Alcudia to wander round the harbour - boats fish and sunshine -
a good combination.- the fish below were swimming in the harbour waters
- on then to the old Alcudia Town - we decided to walk and view the countryside
and the gardens
and of course to mess around with our cameras - the old town itself was very addictive - all those old streets and buildings
- some of them being sympathetically restored
- taking on different  shades of colour in the afternoon sun. We decided to walk back to the hotel and not catch the bus - 6K and a bit we were told when we reached reception at the hotel - in the blazing sun - time for a well earned glass of wine !!

Day two took us to Mallorcas' best kept secret  - the S'Albufera de Mallorca Natural Park - I have attached a link - we spent 2 days of our week gazing at the scenery
and the wildlife  - the bird below is a purple gallinule - about the size of a young turkey -
- we saw a lot - but also the marsh land is so dense -  that all there was to go on was bird calls and twittering - little bird below is a Kentish Plover  -so dainty - just in front of the hide
I was so lucky to get this
shot of the turtle - if you look closely you can see its stripey head and its yellow eye - click on the pic to zoom in
-top right in the pic below is a night heron - and below in the bottom corner is a fledgling night heron - and of course centre is a egret
of course this is where the mozzies launched  their attack without a doubt - but I would not change a thing about those 2 days !!

Day 3
- off on the local bus again and a stop off at Peurto Pollensa
and a walk along the sea front  approx 2K - I would say
and during which we took a well earned lunch.

Day 4 - off to Palma
- care of the local bus -
seriously the bus service on the island is to be recommended - for both price and efficiency.
I counted 20 flower stalls across this avenue - and each one was beautifully presented as is this one
and of course everyone the world over loves a book stall

Day 5 - I had prebooked this organised trip with an excellent tour guide - and this is where we went -first of all we visited Lluc Monastery - I have added a link  it was quite a short visit but long enough to feel very privileged to have had the opportunity. This archway - contained lit red candles of prayer - faced the main courtyard
All around were symbols of devotion - see the cross towering on the hill above the monastery
This was part of the ceiling in the chapel - the glass was so beautiful 
Lavenders and herbs in the garden
The second part of our day was a trip on the tiny train from Soller to Palma - we caught the tram
from Peurto Soller to Soller passing through
the orange groves -
we were given time in Peurto Soller to soak up the views

 The little train
rushed up into the mountains giving fine views of the town below
 - and dashed through extended tunnels -veering to the left and then to the right -we had been on this train a few years back and it still held its magic for us - brilliant - thankyou for calling by - Jane

Monday, 7 October 2013

New Plant on the Block and General Chitchat

Yesterday a visit into Shrewsbury and yes in the town square a Farmers Market - cheeses - cakes - chocolates - damson wine - yes and  I tried some! even a stall devoted to Scotch Eggs - they must be getting very popular! - of course a must have browse was an interesting plant stall - anyway end result this plant - an herbacious perennial (Thalicktrum delavayi Alba --  which will grow easily from own seed - so the seller informed me ( sow immediately after collecting and overwinter in a cold place) !- should be able to find one of those!

A major move around in the garden - resuting in chaos and mess has begun- end product - in distant future a new greenhouse - well not ew as such but in good condition and with memories attached of a good friend.

 Where have all the blackbirds gone! are they over at yours? - every year our blackbirds seem to dwindle away but reappear in the autumn for a feed on the sultana dish but not a bird yet!

Good fun was had at the camera club this week - challenge was a butterfly shot - mine managed a third - next month we are all going on a Ghost Walk around Shrewsbury with Martin Wood the town crier - should hopefully get a few pics and have some ghostly tales to tell!

My holly tree is loaded with berries this year - should be plenty for all - a sprig  for the house and the Redwings can finish them off in January -
- the cyclamen look good and the little appletree down the lottie has done very well
- must collect some sweetpea seed and also read up what to do with gladioli which have provided me and the family with flowers this summer gone

Still searching for a decent red cabbage recioe - has anyone got one?- tasted a fantastic dish at a local pub a while ago - tried to bribe the chef for the recipe - but to no avail ! there was definitely a hidden hint of spice on the taste - I am open to ideas - well have a good  week- Jane