Monday, 7 October 2013

New Plant on the Block and General Chitchat

Yesterday a visit into Shrewsbury and yes in the town square a Farmers Market - cheeses - cakes - chocolates - damson wine - yes and  I tried some! even a stall devoted to Scotch Eggs - they must be getting very popular! - of course a must have browse was an interesting plant stall - anyway end result this plant - an herbacious perennial (Thalicktrum delavayi Alba --  which will grow easily from own seed - so the seller informed me ( sow immediately after collecting and overwinter in a cold place) !- should be able to find one of those!

A major move around in the garden - resuting in chaos and mess has begun- end product - in distant future a new greenhouse - well not ew as such but in good condition and with memories attached of a good friend.

 Where have all the blackbirds gone! are they over at yours? - every year our blackbirds seem to dwindle away but reappear in the autumn for a feed on the sultana dish but not a bird yet!

Good fun was had at the camera club this week - challenge was a butterfly shot - mine managed a third - next month we are all going on a Ghost Walk around Shrewsbury with Martin Wood the town crier - should hopefully get a few pics and have some ghostly tales to tell!

My holly tree is loaded with berries this year - should be plenty for all - a sprig  for the house and the Redwings can finish them off in January -
- the cyclamen look good and the little appletree down the lottie has done very well
- must collect some sweetpea seed and also read up what to do with gladioli which have provided me and the family with flowers this summer gone

Still searching for a decent red cabbage recioe - has anyone got one?- tasted a fantastic dish at a local pub a while ago - tried to bribe the chef for the recipe - but to no avail ! there was definitely a hidden hint of spice on the taste - I am open to ideas - well have a good  week- Jane


  1. Autumn in everyone's gardens seems to be the same. Lots of clearing, planning and planting.
    I cook red cabbage with a little fried onion and apple, brown sugar and red wine vinegar plus a little water. I cook it for up to 2 hours. You can add spices or sultans but I don't often.

  2. your white flower looks very delicate and pretty. I've been collecting sweet pea seeds and already sown a few - so hope they survive. Love your butterfly pic. Have fun on the ghost walk - look forward to seeing some goulish photos (eeek)

  3. Hello Jane, I am sure you are THE Jane I met some years ago and lost trace in blogging land. Happy to see those fabulous pictures again and so nice to see bits of Shropshire :-). Did you buy anything on that auction? The very Morris?

  4. The new-to-you greenhouse sounds like a treasure once it's finished. Congrats for taking a third in the butterfly shot competition. The Ghost walk sounds like a lot of fun!