Monday, 30 September 2013

Better than a Garage Sale !!

Last weekend saw a one off local sale of a life time collection of  cars - blacksmith and industrial tools - farm implements and paraphernalia - all of which had belonged to Alf Strange a local author who died in the seventies
Alf Strange wrote three books that I am familiar with my favourite and sitting on my bookcase is Me Dads' the Village Blacksmith - a good read about times gone by in Shropshire
It was an enthusiasts dream as you can see - the auctioneer was about 5' ft nothing with a voice like a fog horn and a young lad ran in front of him ringing a bell as they moved from lot to lot- exciting the crowd. Beer was a flowing -  adrenalin surging and caution was thrown to the wind by many of the anxious buyers.
Old buildings disclosed their hidden secrets - dusty corners - bits and pieces - oddities

Look at this heap of old treasure sold for £120 it was said - this chap was well into the scheme of things and willingly posed for his picture - was he the buyer? maybe ! Click on the picture to search for the treasure - was it cash well spent?
Certainly a blast from the past - bringing back memories of bygone years


  1. AH! I enjoy auctions where there are tons of interesting old things to photograph. I guess the beer probably increased sales. ;))

  2. That's Jimmy Sim in that picture. He knows a bargain when he sees one. Just discovered your 'follow button' Love your new blog xx