Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Wales at Easter

Wild Flowers -
Steam Trains
and Mountains - Wales had shed its winter shroud of mists - turbulent storms and heavy snow and we saw a glimpse of a gentler Wales
- silence only broken by bird song  and the calling of sheep and lambs in the fields and of course the movement of steam trains up the valley.

We spent the week - us two - two teenage grandsons and two dogs - chilling out - the crew we have stayed in this house before - fantastic views (for us ) WiFi for the younger ones - playing on gadgets way into the night and getting up late - us getting up early  catching the sunrise
 and walking the dogs - seeing the countryside waking up.

We took a trip on the Blaenau Ffestiniog Railway which is a fabulous trip
- steaming through the Welsh Mountains and a visit to Portmeirion Village
- renowned for its fabulous pottery and incredible architecture. The grounds are extensive - us two returned in the evening
to walk up into the woods
and view the age old shrubs and trees - some hundred years old and more- rhododendrons
and camellias towered to the sky -we also saw evidence of the recent terrible storms - Portmerion lost total 98 trees,

 Returning home and taking a walk out at our local park
and strolling around its walled kitchen garden and admiring the flowers
and veggies - as we approached the old brick buildings suddenly a swallow swooped past - the first one for me this year - what a wonderful surprise - of course as they say over here in the UK "one swallow does not make a summer" but it did it for me ! enjoy your week - Jane x

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Somewhere in Shropshire

Hello - thought you might like to come with me on the dog walk today - quite a nice day - a little misty - still plenty of puddles in the fields but even so very refreshing and good for the soul.

I haven't taken this route for a while - and was amazed how the crop had grown - the last time I came down here this crop was showing as quite small plants - today the plants were shoulder high with me and I guess in a few weeks they  will tower above - it is oil seed rape (I think) - the pollen from the flowerheads can be quite powerful- but the colour  is so bright.

The dogs were excited lots of new smells and new pathways -  the field had long stretches of walkway from one end to the other - made by the farmer and his tractors while cultivating the crop - so we were able to extend our walk to and fro.
I stood and looked across the fields to the hills beyond  - on the horizon the hills of Wales
This old tree stretches out to the sky - that brings thoughts to me of a favourite tree up on Lyth Hill that I visit from time to time and give it a hug I know I can feel the vibrations from deep in its trunk
Not many people about today down here - maybe they don't like the pollen from the rape - perhaps I will regret strolling through the field 

 The hedgerows were covered in white blackthorn blossom - one of my favourites -  encouraging a few bees to stray from their flight path -  but alas no butterflies perhaps it is a bit to early

 Dogs were a bit muddy and so was I when we reached home - so it was time to get the dogs scrubbed up on the decking - yes a refreshing walk  - bye

Monday, 7 April 2014

Gardening and other things

This post is for  all you bloggers out there who like me   annually get bitten by the gardening bug - the Spring flowers never cease to amaze me and stir me into action everyyear.I have bought a few bits from here and there - some Pleonie bulbs and Polianthus Tuberosa bulbs from a catalogue and a white poppy (again!)from the Garden Centre - white poppies don't seem to like my garden so I will try this one in a pot- and a primula burmanica from the Gardening Club in the village.

The blue himalayan poppy (kept in a pot!) has shown new leaves surprisingly - this will be its third year - first year it did not flower but last year it was so beautiful - fingers crossed for another bloom.

                                                 The Primula Sieboldii has white buds showing

  I bought a pink one last year from Malvern Show so I am hoping that one of these pots is pink

The battle has commenced again  to protect the sweetpeas from the mice - first batch needs now to come out of the covered propagator - so I have put them in the conservatory - for the moment.

No luck for me at camera club this month subject was signs - OH came third - the shot was taken at Blists Hill Victorian Museum
Just a few shots of my favourite plants in the garden at the moment - through all the upheaval in the garden the flowers bravely push through and do their best
                                                  Magnolia Stellata

                                              Ribes     (Red Currant)
Buddlea Davidii
Primula Gighi
Circles - Squares -  Kites - yes apparently these are the technical terms for the paving slabs needed to complete the circle - I am hoping to put my sundial here - the plan is not to have to much clutter in the garden in future !!
The allotment is taking a second place at the moment  - but a trailer load of best matured muck was collected after hours this week from a relative at Church Stretton (no picture!!) and shallots and seed potatoes are at the ready.- enjoy your week - Jane