Friday, 3 January 2014

A Snapshot Away

Hello again - a snapshot around town - main aim a picture for camera club - subject Xmas lights. A late afternoon walk around town (Shrewsbury)and these were the outcome.
I  could not resist this shot I love lanterns

- taken outside the Golden Cross in Milk Street

As we approached the main centre of Shrewsbury - we passed by this passageway leading to St Alkmunds Square and gazed back along the Wyle Cop
Walking around we took random shots - my header pic is taken in the Shrewsbury Market Square - with  the Charles Darwin statue in the foreground - I like this part of town it is full of atmosphere - Wyle Cop the picture above - click on the pic for more detail and a better view - again  late of an evening the Cop comes alive with visions of the past it does not take a great imagination to visualise how it was back  in the day
Picture hunting has been the order of the day this past week - so several excursions have been made into Shrewsbury - some time was spent down by the river and although these pictures are not Christmas lights - well I am going to post them
 The night was cold but the colours and reflections on the water were perfect
 In the background you can see the church tower of St Chads - we walked on up there - they have a decorated christmas tree event - the church looked spectacular 
Walking down again to the main shopping streets - these were the shots we took - Pride Hill lights
 this year there has been a new addition a giant reindeer
A close up
Well I doubt we have taken a winner but we had a fun time !!
 Best wishes


  1. Your pictures are lovely. Haven't been into Shrewsbury for months.

  2. I imagine the imagination can run riot at night..Edinburgh has that effect on me.
    Jane x

    1. I have never been to Edinburgh it is on our list of places to go - York is similar to Shrewsbury only much larger but the atmosphere is there - have a great 2014 you and yours and the pussycats xx Jane UK

  3. Hi Jane, Happy New Year to you!
    I have been to Shrewsbury once--- quite a while ago now ;-). This is a nice reminder, thank you.
    Christmas lights are always so inspiring. Me too, I love lanterns.