Friday, 12 September 2014

Time moves on

Well it seems like for ever since my last blog - but time moves on - a lot has happened - the garden is now finished and the summer house is in place
- a few hiccups on the way including  a fractured wrist for me - painful ouch! - slipped on a muddy patch and threw my arm back onto a pile of stones - everything takes forever to do one handed - I am becoming quite skilled with my left hand ! but the weeds have taken advantage in the allotment - OH has become efficient with chores he never really understood such as hanging the washing out and ironing - but he has kept the home fires burning so to speak - my cast is due to come off on Monday and from then onwards I hope showering with a plastic bag over my arm will be a thing of the past.

The garden has done its best to live up to  its new image  - and my hanging pot took first at the Shrewsbury
Show see below - click on the pic for a better look- and now there has  been another blip on the horizon my pictures won't load properly - anyway I have found another way around this it is a bit long winded but it will suffice until a better method turns up!!

Well it is approx 3 weeks later and a better method has not turned up - I havekept my spirits up by uploading pics and bits to my facebook page and kept in touch with my gardening friends on 'Grows on you 'web site - but the  deep attachment I have to ,Janes Blog clings on - so here we are again - oh I have started off another blog Somewhere in Shropshire - which will be more of a picture blog

My wrist is stronger now  so I am able to take pics again - and do most gardening jobs and dog walking is back again for me - OH has walked the dogs - but everyday Blue has looked at my feet waiting for the walking boots to go on - and to be fair I knew how she felt - because I missed that walk down the lanes and fields - we have been out and about the last few weeks  - two steam rallies - Onslow and Malpas - and a family get together -

Malpas was a sunny day unlike the rainy sunday for Onslow - no pictures taken by me for Onslow - but I took a few at Malpas wrist is getting stronger at last - the atmosphere was electric as always at these steam revival rallies - you name it - you could see it -
dogs catching a ride on on miniature engines - and of course
the fairground -
 and all the fun of the fair  - and of course the best till last!!

Finally a shot taken last weekend of my home town Shrewsbury - a shot of the Welsh Bridge
- bye for now - enjoy your weekend - Jane x


  1. Good to have you back. Your hanging basket is beautiful. Glad your wrist is on the mend xx


  2. Yes Molly it is good to be back in the blogging world - very theraputic somehow - hope all is well with you two - take care xx

  3. Oh no! I broke my arm two years ago so I understand the frustrations of only having one arm's amazing how you adapt though.
    The summerhouse looks fantastic!
    Jane x


    1. Hello Jane and Chris - yes I am pretty good at left handed chores now - Bluey loves the summer house I am sure the pussycats would love it too - and we would share with them as long as they promised to keep their eyes away from the bird feeders xx