Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Forest of Dean and a few days away

The Cistercian abbey of Tintern was founded on 09/05/1131 by Walter de Clare - Lord of Chepstow - we spent quite sometime trying to get a good shot - in fact it became to be a bit of a challenge  so much that we may have to return again to have another go!! - below is my best shot to date
- I had found a picture of the Abbey in a magazine - taken by Wye Valley Studios  I have attached the link - the Abbey was taken from the other side of the river - the river was in flood this time and the afternoon was drawing in so reluctantly we gave up - the pictures on the link are amazing I think - but of course so much equipment is needed for those kind of shots and a strong shoulder is needed to take the weight.

Earlier  that day we walked the paths deep into the forest - the trees  were so colourful in their autumn shades
on the way back to Bream we stumbled across a railway restoration building -so we followed the path down into the valley for a better look - OH was well pleased with the find  and I must admit it had a strange fascination for me too - not so much the workshop
but the old trains waiting
to be rebuilt
and the forest all around
seemed to give a mysterious feel
to the place

 meanwhile back at the ranch !! well we stayed on the edge of the forest in the village of Bream - the common land stretched out in front of the cottage and the forest trials were to the left in the picture - sheep grazed the common land
and chickens definitely free range
were just over the garden fence  and occasionly in the trees

apparently wild boar roam in the forest but we did not see any -  so no pics of them sorry

Thankyou for calling

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  1. I put a comment up yesterday and it's got eaten in cyberspace again. Don't know why. Your little break sounds really nice and finding the railway restoration place as well - a bonus. The weather looks good too.

    1. Molly it was great - just to put the boots on and tramp around - we liked the restoration place it wasn,t very big and they didn,t seem to mind us looking round - lovely to hear from you - xx

  2. What a great find the railway restoration place was, tucked away in the forest. We've only driven by that area, not having had the time to stop. I wish we could have it looks lovely.

  3. hello Deb - yes it was a fascinating place - we have been out trainspotting today -it was the first time that we have been to the Forest of Dean- there is lots to see - Thankyou for your comment