Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Odds and sods

Well hello you bloggers out there - hope you are all ok - it has been a funny old month here - OH  has tripped over and smashed his ribs up - so I have needed to take over all manual duties - which has been a bit of a laugh - with me with a gammy hand after my broken wrist in the summer - having difficulty even  with getting into a jar of bolognese sauce and having to flag down the first person to pass the drive gate to unscrew the jar to much hilarity - anyway we have survived and now are able to fit in the odd social event and get out and about.

A trip into Shrewsbury
- Christmas Shopping and a spot of lunch at our favourite coffee shop
on Bear Steps
- lots of atmosphere and lots of past history in times gone by - close by
St Akmunds church
-take a glance in the other direction - Grope Lane -
Click on to get the bigger picture
Christmas lights are so pretty this year - my header picture was taken on Wyle Cop.- this is Mardol

 Nantwich is a little town in Cheshire a place we sometimes like to visit - this is  the church tower of St Marys

- on the way back home that day we decided to call at Moreton Corbett castle - there was a beautiful sunset
and perfect conditions for a few pics
- and of course to  top the list - a visit to Shrewsbury Station
and a long wait rewarded with a steamer on the station
Very atmospheric
- it was a cold frosty evening
 and earlier that day we caught this steamer roaring down the line
-pic  taken from a tiny bridge over the line -imagine the excitement -  best wishes to you all  - Jane  linking today to My World Tuesday


  1. Shrewsbury looks beautiful,the coffee shop looks fabulous! Lovely atmospheric shots of the trains...thought you may have hopped on for a ride to Hogwarts!
    Jane x

  2. Beautiful shots of a Christmassy Shrewsbury. Hope you remain injury free over the festive season.

  3. What a quaint village. Looks like a great place to stroll and stop at a cafe for a warm cuppa. - Margy

  4. So sorry to hear about your mishaps. Glad your both on the mend. Have a good Christmas. Love C & O xx

  5. Shrewsbury looks lovely and festive.Best wishes for healthy and happy Christmas.

  6. I love the pictures very much! The Christmas decorations are fantastic!!