Tuesday, 20 January 2015

January Walk

Out and about breathing in the crisp air -the  dogs enjoying their early morning run -
 the trees  are bare
- but look at those shapes -
soon each tree will be covered in summer colours - but for now  now each one is different -
standing proud,

We were watched from above by a haughty crow

- who was lazilly  drinking in the rays of sunshine and in the tree above a woodpecker tapped furiously - but I didn't spot him and then a reply from the trees beyond another bout of furious tapping

Shropshire has escaped the snowfall so far this week  in the UK - except on the higher ground - look at the distant hills in my pics.
- just frost for us and muddy fields when the sun wages war on the frost.

Not much colour to report - but I did glimpse a flash of gold
from the broom and the teasels stood out above the bushes  - click on the pics for the bigger picture

-see my header pic - the route that I have taken has not been accessible for a few weeks - to muddy - especially with a predominately white dog who loves to run like  crazy through all the wettest of places  - so until next time - I am linking to Our World  Tuesday today - Jane


  1. Nice shots of your walk. Even winter has it's stark beauty...

  2. I know all about white dogs and muddy puddles!
    Wren x

  3. A beautiful walk and you have made wonderful photos!