Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Everyday blog

Just an everyday blog about nothing in particular - in fact just a general ramble about this and that - a walk down the frozen fields with the dogs - a trip around the garden - iris riticulata just come into bud

Snowdrops are beginning to drift and a primula vulgaris is just showing to the left of the drift in the pic

filling up the feeders - camera club tonight - subject is "Pink" OH  has got a nice little number- flamingoes at Slimbridge-
and mine is of course a subject close to my heart - a wild flower pic
-ragged robin quite scarce round here this was taken in Wales on the cliffs up above  Newquay last summer - made a start in the greenhouse - onions started  off to be set in the allotment.- a fantastic sunrise this morning - heavy frost but no snow or high winds as yet

- but I thought you may like the attached video - I did

Enjoy your day - Jane


  1. I love snowdrops...I wish it would snow snowdrops instead of real snow.
    Jane x
    PS The email you sent is invalid.

    1. It would be nice for a flurry of snowdrops I well try again with the email let me know if it doesn't work - Jane x

  2. Even with the cold wind and flurries, so nice to see that Spring isn't toooo far away.

  3. I am so jealous that snowdrops are blooming there! It'll be quite a while before I see them in my neck of the woods!