Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Shots around Town

Shrewsbury my home town - has a history dating back to medieval times with a colourful history - surrounded by a land of myth and legend - such is the county of Shropshire

Shrewsbury is a town of shuts and passages -

Bear Steps - above is a short shut - and was so they say named after a pub which no longer exists - The Bear Inn -

The Steps lead onto Fish Street

Fish Street as it implies was full of fish mongers and the smell of fish and at the end of the street you can catch sight of St Julians with a glimpse of St Alkmunds -

 the upper part of the Bearsteps house is a art gallery and a coffee shop - the best Cappuccino in Shrewsbury is served here well I think so !
More about St Alkmunds
This is the spire of St Alkmunds - haunted by a steeplejack - who helped to construct the church spire back in the 15c - so it is said the man accepted a bet to climb the tower and fell to his death - numerouis witnesses claim to have seen his form climbing the spire at night - whether this was before or after drinking a pint or two of ale!! it is not known .

Adjoining Fish Street - just below the Bear Steps is another passage called Grope Lane the scene of many a dubious tale - very atmospheric to say the least

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  1. Hello, what a lovely tour! I love this cute town! Happy Tuesday, enjoy your week ahead!

  2. Beautiful old the earthy colours!

  3. Love the architecture!

  4. Shrewsbury looks lovely. I love the narrow lanes and medieval architecture, it reminds me of Canterbury - where i'm from. Thanks for sharing Jane. :-)

  5. Beautiful pictures, I have never been there so love seeing your images. Great architecture.

  6. Great looking place - reminds me of the Shambles in York - and they seem to have used the same architect!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne