Monday, 23 March 2015


Hartland in Devon - a breath of fresh air - amidst a flurry of flowers

Snowdrops  have naturalised in the woods over the years -

spreading down through the woods to the torrents of water below

So many walks - my favourite was the walk from Stoke - with its its high church tower - used it is said by mariners passing through on the turbulent seas -  as a marker -we certainly used it when we took a wrong turn - because our garden looked out towards the church

-Yes we started in Stoke  onto Hartland Quay - followed the coastline from Hartland Quay to Hartland Point 
Interesting walking countryside and a snapshot from every which way - and I took a few!!
Favourite walk for me was through the woods towards Blackpool and the Mill Cottage
- it was muddy along the pathways
but well worth it -
and to catch a glimpse through the trees of 'Barton Cottage' as it was called in 2008 - the cottage was used in scenes in the BBC adaptation of Sense and Sensibilty
The video  below - gives a quick glimpse of Blackpool Mill and the woods beyond
Blackpool Mill Cottage  belongs to the National Trust and can be hired out for weekly lets or short breaks - it is a blast from the past with no TV etc - but an idyllic spot

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  1. Idyllic is definitely the word!
    Thanks for sharing with us...the header is spectacular!
    Jane x

    1. The coastline is very dramatic down there with history of ship wrecks and smugglers - that pic was taken on a relatively calm day - and even so there was quite a spray on the rocks = making for a very formidable scene - Jane xx

  2. That's a piece of coastline that I hope to visit again someday,though in the meantime your pictures will suffice. Towers like that which are used by sailors to estimate their position at sea are known as "landmarks", in case you ever wondered about the derivation of that word.

  3. Such a beautiful landscape! Your photos are amazing!

  4. What a lovely walk and great photos too. Thanks for sharing.x

  5. The landscape is amazing! So are your photos!

  6. All the pictures are very beautiful!!

    Cheers, Sandra