Tuesday, 4 August 2015

My World in a Few Pictures

I haven't visited the world of bloggers  for a while - but today I felt that sudden compulsion to post a few pics - my life has been busy with much of the usual excepting I have added a new interest - painting and decorating and restoring garden furniture to its former glory - I have even been allocated a drawer to keep my paintbrushes -paint etc by OH in his garage !! I must post some pics for the record - meanwhile here are a few of my shots taken on walks over the past weekend

The pics are taken along the footpath next to a working stone quarry - this land has been reclaimed and reseeded with wildflowers by the stone quarry and nature has gradually come back to this area - as you can see
I  love bees but I am not really clued up on the different species - I mean I know a bumblebee from a honey bee and that is about it 
I love the word bumble and I think it suits the bee very well - you know they bumble about from flower to flower
I am not sure whether this is a bee - but it was very beautiful 
Wild scabious and wild parsley below 

I am linking to Our World Tuesday today - have a good week - Jane


  1. Lovely shots.

  2. Pretty flowers and a lovely collection of images. Enjoy your week!

  3. Lovely photos. Have a good week!